Singer D’Or backs culture minister on loyalty

January 28, 2016  

Famed singer David D’Or expressed his support Thursday for Culture Minister Miri Regev, who has proposed a bill that would allow her ministry to stop state funding of cultural institutions that denigrate the State’s symbols, describe Independence Day as a day of mourning or put its flag to shame.

Speaking on Radio 103FM, D’Or said: “I actually support Miri Regev. She does things from the heart. I don’t always agree with her but she does things that she believes in, and not from a totalitarian or anti-democratic position, like people try to define her.”

Regev’s positions make sense, D’Or argued. “Why should the State fund someone who wants to burn it down? There is an internal absurdity in that. It does not impinge on freedom of expression. Express whatever you want, say what you want to, but there is no reason for me to pay for it.”

The interviewer replied that the artists affected would not be physically trying to burn down the country, and that the bill would cause plays and films to be censored. But D’Or disagreed.

“I do think that this is a trend that seeks to harm the country, at the end of a process. And we see what it has done so far. The anti-Israeli so-called art has done excellent work worldwide, and our situation could not be worse than it is today.”

D’Or said he does not have a problem with Arabs expressing their sorrow over the suffering that the establishment of Israel caused them as long they do not call for Israel’s destruction.

“I am saying that our desire to be tolerant and democratic is so strong that we have become a little irrational,” he added. “We need to be vigilant inside the democracy, too, because democracy must not be used in a way that eventually destroys it. The regimes that identify with anti-Israeli messages are totalitarian regimes and we must not forget that.”

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