Sinai Infiltration Plummets to 244 in July

July 28, 2012  

Illegal Infiltration into Israel through Sinai has plummeted sharply in last two months, according to official statistics.

The number of illegal immigrants who have crossed the border thus far in July is 244. In June, the number of infiltrators was 928. In May it was 2,031. This means the rate of infiltration has dropped by over 85% in two months.

Unlike previous months, all of the immigrants crossing the border illegally have been arrested and detained. Before the government changed its policy on infiltration, the infiltrators were escorted by the IDF from the border and then put on buses to Tel Aviv, where they were released.

This policy caused a flooding of illegal immigration that has caused a crisis in the neighborhoods where the immigrants stay. Due to a high rate of unemployment and alcohol abuse among the immigrants, life in and near these neighborhoods has become very difficult. Property value has fallen, and there is a high rate of crime, including sexual assault.

The residents exploded in anger earlier in the year, demanding a stop to the immigration from Africa.

Israel is building a security fence along the southern border, and the stepped up rate of its construction appears to be a major reason for the sharp decline in infiltration. In addition, news that Israel is now arresting infiltrators may have cause potential infiltrators to rethink their plans. 

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