Sick: Palestinian artists create soundtrack of the intifada

October 23, 2015  

Palestinian Arab artists are taking advantage of the security situation to produce propaganda songs and encourage, through “nationalist” music, the murder of Jews.

A plethora of incitement videos showing scenes from recent stabbing attacks have been airing recently, which the New York Times presented as a means of Palestinian “self-expression.”

The report quotes local teenagers from Ramallah, who say that songs like these “pump up” their day before throwing rocks at IDF soldiers and civilians. 

The songs span from simple incitement videos, like “Continue the Intifada,” which singer-songwriter Adnan Balaweneh claims was in response to Israel Police eliminating an Arab terrorist in Afula earlier this month, to a song allegedly directed at US Secretary of State John Kerry: Qassem al-Najjar’s “Do You Know the Meaning of the Intifada.”

Even recognized stars are rushing to incite to murder. Arab Idol winner Mohammed Assaf, who was also a UN Good Will ambassador and a frequent inciter against Israel, released this song, “Ya Yumma” on Saturday.

The song, which already has over 365,000 views, has more “subtle” references to terror, with lines like “there is no perseverance like yours in Jerusalem and Afula” in reference to the murderous attacks that have taken place in those two cities.

Not only have recognized terror groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad openly called for the murder of innocent Jews this month, but the Palestinian Authority (PA) and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah officials have joined in as well. 

Official PA social media sites have published numerous cartoons since the beginning of the month with graphic images lauding murder as part of the “Palestinian cause” and calling to stab and stone Jews.

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