Shin Bet Foils Another Hamas Kidnapping Plot

April 17, 2012  

A Hamas terrorist, released from prison as a part of the prisoner exchange deal that freed captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, was revealed to be plotting and instructing the kidnapping of additional Israeli soldiers, the blog of the Israel Defense Forces reported on Tuesday.

Omar Abu Sanina, who was sentenced to life in prison for murder, was recruited to join Hamas while serving his term behind bars.

Sanina reportedly sent a memory stick to his family, giving instructions on how to kidnap Israeli soldiers. The information was intended to reach his Hamas recruiters, but the Shin Bet foiled his plan and seized the device.

According to the IDF, the device included the following information:

“One should avoid hiding [the kidnapped soldier] in deserted places such as caves or forests, unless it’s their body or severed head. If dealing with a live person, who will need to be visited at least once a week (for supplying food etc.) it is best to hide them in a house, a farm, a workplace or [somewhere] similar.

“Resources, weapons, and explosives should be prepared ahead of time. This with extreme caution and in the proper methods. It is possible to obtain weapons from the enemy, even if it necessitates the use of “cold” weaponry [knives, blades] first.

“The first stage is to build a small team according to the orders, equipping its members with all the equipment, and training them in executing uncomplicated attacks.

“We will be informed of the kidnapping only after its successful execution, and only through an encrypted channel. One must not talk openly or give away details, except in face-to-face meetings. We will officially announce the kidnapping via the Supreme Military Council.”

In March, Shin Bet officials arrested Hamas terrorist Abu Adraam, who subsequently confessed to planning to both kidnap an Israeli soldier and smuggle a team of suicide bombers into Israel’s southern city of Eilat.

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