Security Reinforcements Dispatched After ‘Nakba Day’ Riots

May 16, 2014  

Security forces dispatched reinforcements to Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem early Friday, ahead of the funerals of two Palestinian Arab terrorists who were killed during Thursday’s “Nakba Day” riots, which mourn the failure of a combined pan-Arab army to annihilate the fledgling state of Israel in 1948 and massacre its inhabitants, just three years after the gas chambers in Auschwitz stopped operating.

An initial investigation suggests that contrary to the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s claims, the two terrorists were shot only after breaking security barriers near the Ofer prison compound, where some 150 violent extremists had gathered to pressure Israel into releasing terrorists. The rioters were shot with rubber bullets; the IDF has pledged to undertake an internal investigation. 

Thursday night, several dozen Arabs also demonstrated at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate in honor of the annual hate fest against Israel; an Israeli flag was set on fire and four stone-throwers were arrested. 

On Friday, heavy security forces were once again deployed around the Old City, including hundreds of police officers, SWAT team members, riot officers on horseback and police vehicles.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared his own antidote to “Nakba Day” – the passing of the ‘Jewish Nation-State’ Bill. 

“Not far from here,” he said, “the Palestinian Authority is marking what they call Nakba Day. They stand in silence to mark the catastrophe of the establishment of Israel, the state of the Jewish nation. They educate their children in endless propaganda, that they must cause the disappearance of the state of Israel.

“We have many answers to this,” Netanyahu promised. “The first is that we continue to build our state and our united capital of Jerusalem, and we will also give an additional answer to the Nakba – we will pass the ‘Jewish Nation-State Bill’ that makes clear to the entire world that Israel is the state of the Jewish people.”

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