Security Raised at Israeli Institutions, Chabad Houses

February 13, 2012  

The heads of Israel’s defense establishment were meeting Monday night to evaluate the security situation for Israeli diplomats and civilians abroad in the wake of Monday’s attacks in India and Georgia. Attending the meeting were most of the IDF’s General Staff, including IDF Military Intelligence chief Amir Kochavi and Director of Operations Ya’akov Ayash.

Earlier, the Foreign Ministry said that in light of the attacks, Israelis should take steps to ensure their safety when traveling abroad. The Ministry said that it had general warning about travel for Israelis in many parts of the world, as terrorists sponsored by both Arab terror groups and Iran sought to inflict damage on Israelis wherever they could. Security levels have been raised at Israeli institutions around the world, the Ministry said.

Police in New Delhi and Tbilisi, where an attack on Israeli personnel was thwarted by security troops, have also raised security at the Chabad Houses in both countries. The Chabad Houses, run by Lubavitcher Hassidim, are meeting and gathering points for Israelis and Jews touring the areas, and as such are considered prime targets for terrorists – as actually happened in Mumbai, India in 2008, when a terror attack killed six people, including Gavriel and Rivka Holzberg, directors of the Chabad House.

In an interview with Israel Radio, a spokesperson for the Mumbai Chabad House said that police were out in force outside the building, but that they were conducting operations as usual.

Meanwhile, the identity of the Israeli injured in the bombing in New Delhi was released Monday evening. Tali Koren Yehoshua was lightly to moderately injured in the blast and was being operated on in a New Delhi hospital. Two Israeli doctors are at her side, and are considering flying her home for further treatment.

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