Security Official: Israeli Golan More Peaceful Than Ever

June 17, 2015  

Alarms were heard on the Golan Wednesday afternoon, as missiles and gunshots flew – on the other side of the border. Several minutes after the alarms sounded, they ended – and life continued as usual on the Heights.

That’s fine, said a top IDF official. “The only story on the Golan is the fighting on the other side of the border in Kafr Khader,” the officer told Arutz Sheva.

Recently, several terrorists from that village planted explosives next to the Golan border fence, “and there are Hezbollah terrorists there,” he added.

Other than that, there is no concern for security issues on the Golan, the officer said. The alarms on Wednesday, although sounded for a good reason, did not mean that Israel had been attacked – in fact, no missiles or bullets fell on Israel.

“We were concerned that something would come over the border in a misaimed attack, but luckily there was nothing to be concern about,” he said.

The Golan, he said, has been quiet for months, and Israelis should come to visit and enjoy it. “This is one of the quietest periods the Golan has ever experienced,” the officer added.

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