Security forces break up two firebombing terror cells in Samaria

November 9, 2015  

The IDF, Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Israel Police announced that over the past several days they broke up two separate terrorist cells in the Binyamin Region to the north of Jerusalem.

The first cell was responsible for a series of so-called “popular terrorist” attacks (a euphemism for attacks such as rock-throwing and firebombings) targeting motorists along Routes 45 and 443 between 2014-2015, including four molotov cocktails hurled at passing Israeli vehicles on July 30 of this year alone.

The cell members were identified as Mohammed Bassem Azmi Azzam, 20, and two minors who have not been identified for legal reasons. All three are residents of Kfar Jadeerah, located along Route 45 and close to the Palestinian Authority town of Bir Nabala, north of Jerusalem.

Under interrogation the terrorists admitted to the July 30 attack as well as several other rock-throwing and firebombing attacks. Indictments have been filed against them in the Samaria military court.

The Shin Bet revealed that in the past year a number of similar terrorist cells have been broken up in the same area, which were responsible for attacks along Route 45 in particular, including firebombings, rock-throwing and shooting fireworks at civilians and security forces.

A second terrorist cell was also broken up nearby in recent days, in the area of the Jewish village of Neve Tzuf and nearby Arab village of Nabi Salah – a hotbed of extremist activities.

Among those arrested:

  • Adly Farah Ismail Taha, 24, of Beit Rima, who has served a sentence in Israeli prison in the past for his part in a shooting attack targeting the Jewish town of Halamish. 
  • Sawfut Saqr Rashid Rimawi, 25, also of Beit Rima, who has served a previous previous sentence for manufacturing pipe bombs.
  • Adlin Abed Alhafeez Mahmoud Tamimi, 18, of Nabi Salah.
  • Maher Mahmoud Ali Tamimi, 19, of Nabi Salah.

Under Shin Bet interrogation the four admitted to perpetrating a large number of attacks, including throwing firebombs at homes in Neve Tzuf, hurling improvised explosive devices at nearby IDF posts, and attempting to violently break into an army post.

They also admitted to taking part in a number of violent riots against IDF and police forces, during which they fired smoke bombs and fireworks at security forces, among other things.

During the arrest, security forces seized a large cache of weapons, including teargas grenades and launchers.

Indictments were recently served against them in Judea and Samaria military courts.

The terrorists also revealed the identities of some 20 accomplices in various acts of violence, who have also been arrested and questioned in recent days in anticipation of impending indictments.

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