Scrolling LED Signs


Programmable Scrolling LED Signs• Draws Customers to Any Type of Store or Business
• Great For Indoor and Outdoor Advertising
• Super Bright Moving Messages and Pictures
• Top Quality – Latest Technology – Assembled in USA
• Comes with a Remote Control for Easy Programming
• 24,000 Letters, Numbers, Images, and Animations
• Single or Double Line in Red, Green, and Yellow
• Uses Minimal Electricity – Just Hang it and Plug it in
• Includes Easy Do it Yourself Instruction Manual
• 3 Year Full Parts and Labor Warranty
• Operates in 9 Different Languages
English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, & Hungarian The main driving force behind the rapid increase of the number of scrolling LED signs in use today is their effectiveness as an on-premise advertising medium. LED signs have the ability to change messages instantly and indefinitely. LED sign owners have the advantage of being in on-going direct contact with their customers through their sign messages. Thus the signs become more attention grabbing and are able to bring in more new business for sign owners.
Business owners using LED signs are already experiencing great success with this new way of advertising. Many business owners claim they have seen sales increase more than when advertising in newspaper ads, direct mailers, print signs or other conventional advertising mediums.

Top Quality Programmable Scrolling LED Signs
5 Big Sizes with the Lowest Prices
Size 12″ x 31″      Retail $949.95         Our Price $585°°
Size 15″ x 40″      Retail $1,099.95      Our Price $685°°
Size 15″ x 53″      Retail $1,249.95      Our Price $785°°
Size 15″ x 65″      Retail $1,399.95      Our Price $885°°
Size 15″ x 78″      Retail $1,549.95      Our Price $985°°
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