Schools remain open, more rain expected with light flurries

January 26, 2016  

The Jerusalem municipality together with the parents committee has decided to open all schools today for their regular schedule. The decision came after snow failed to accumulate last night as was expected in the forecast. 

Light snow flurries are expected throughout the day, but the snow is not expected to accumulate to any significant degree. The city has made preparations for snow removal should it become necessary. In addition, authorities are asking the public to continue to be vigilant and to drive with caution.

The regional councils of Binyamin, Gush Etzion, and Hevron will also be opening schools as per their regular schedule as all roads in the area are open. The local councils of Beit El and Efrat are also opening schools. The notices for all of the localities include pre-schools and daycare as well. 

Today’s Weather forecast: 

Rain and thunderstorms are expected in the center and south of the country. A light snowfall is expected for the central mountain region including Jerusalem. The northern mountains that are 500 meters above sea level, including Mount Gilboa and Carmel can expect a light snowfall as well. 

The temperature will be very cold, and flash floods can be expected throughout the south and Arava region. 

The forecast appears to be much the same throughout the night as well, with temperatures dropping and a chance of light snowfall and frost in the central mountain region. Rain and sporadic thunderstorms are expected to continue throughout the night in the center and south of the country.

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