Schools are open in majority of country

January 25, 2016  

Director of the Education Ministry, Michal Cohen, instructed schools to prepare for closure due to the harsh weather conditions this week across Israel. The schools were instructed to follow the directives of the Ministry of Internal Security with regards to deciding whether to close or not. The Education Ministry set up command centers In Jerusalem as well as other affected areas in the central mountain range in the country so as to have a better grasp from “the field” of what is occurring and how to more quickly and effectively respond. 

As of Monday morning, the Ministry has noted that schools will remain open in Jerusalem, Safed and the Golan, even with sporadic flurries expected. In Kiryat Arba, the Ulpana and High School will be closed. In the regional councils of Gush Etzion, Matte Yehuda and the rest of the Kiryat Arba, schools will be closing at 1:00 pm. 

The Ministry said that extra-curricular programs will be held weather permitting, and that the local councils are responsible for evaluating the level of emergency and responding as to whether or not schools will close. In areas where school will not be able to open, the principal will contact the local council’s education director and with the local representative of the Ministry of Education and they will make an informed decision together.

The Ministry has also said that no trips will be taken to areas that are expecting snow or flooding. Planned trips to these areas will be sent to other locations. 

The Ministry has set up a hotline which will have updates regarding each local area. The number of the hotline is 1-800250025. Updated information is also available via the ministry’s website and facebook page. 

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