Saudis to Buy Nukes from Pakistan

May 17, 2015  

Saudi Arabia is trying to purchase nuclear weapons from Pakistan, according to senior US officials.

Saudi Arabia has expressed concerns over the way nuclear negotiations with Iran are being run. It has said that it fears the final agreement would allow Iran the capability of developing nuclear weapons, either by ignoring its obligations or by waiting a few years until the terms are over. Should that happen, Riyadh would want its own nuclear weapons.

The Sunday Times revealed that a senior US official has said that he believes that Saudi Arabia is now beginning to build up a nuclear arsenal, first by purchasing pre-made weapons: “There has been a longstanding agreement in place with the Pakistanis and the House of Saud has now made the strategic decision to move forward.” However, the official also stated that the US does not believe that “any actual weaponry has been transferred yet.”

Analysts fear that, should both Iran and Saudi Arabia develop nuclear programs, other regional countries such as Turkey and Egypt would do so as well.

Saudi Arabia has funded much of Pakistan’s nuclear program. It is believed that Saudi defense ministers have even received access to the latter’s nuclear facilities, while Pakistan’s own prime ministers are barred from the sites.

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