Rollercoaster flies off tracks in Scotland, wounding 7

June 26, 2016  

Seven people were wounded on Sunday when a rollercoaster at the MD theme park in Motherwell, Scotland derailed, careening off the tracks and onto a ride for small children.

Witnesses say the “Tsunami” rollercoaster flew off of the track, hurdling some 30 feet downwards before colliding with a toddlers’ ride.

It appears that the rollercoaster’s carriage detached from the wheels, decoupling it completely from the tracks. Between 8 to 10 people are believed to have been inside the carriage when it derailed.

Children are feared to be among the wounded, with witnesses describing the scene as total “carnage”.

It “will be a miracle if there are no fatalities” Gavin McNally told The Daily Mail.

“It was an unbelievable sight, seeing the full carriage upside down, on top of where those toddlers’ cars are parked,” said another witness.

“The place was eerily quiet as everyone was in total shock.”

Another eyewitness, Katie Burns, said the scene looked “like a horror film”, saying it was the worst “think ever heard and seen”.

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