Roger Waters fears Hillary might use nuclear weapons

October 27, 2015  

Rock legend Roger Waters is known for his extreme leftist views and his long list of anti-Israel statements, but it turns out that even Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is too hawkish for the former Pink Floyd member.

Waters on Monday expressed concern that Clinton, if elected president, might use nuclear weapons, telling Rolling Stone magazine he is supporting Bernie Sanders – a Jewish senator – as he challenges Clinton for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

“I have an awful worry that she might become the first woman president (only) to drop a f—ing nuclear bomb on somebody,” he told the magazine.

“There is something scarily hawkish about her,” added Waters, who also said that Clinton was a better choice than Republican contenders “by a long, long way.”

Waters, who lives in New York, is a British national and cannot vote in the United States.

As for Sanders, he described the Vermont senator as “the only person in the race that I see with any credibility”.

“He seems to speak the truth, far as one can tell at this point. He seems prepared to stand up against big money and the banks and stand up for the predicaments of minorities, the middle class and the working class in this country,” added Waters.

Waters is not letting his anti-Israel antics, which have frequently bordered on anti-Semitism, get in the way of his support for the Jewish Sanders.

In December 2013, Waters mendaciously compared Israel to Nazi Germany, saying in an interview, “The situation in Israel/Palestine, with the occupation, the ethnic cleansing and the systematic racist apartheid Israeli regime is unacceptable.”

He previously released a giant balloon pig bearing the Star of David during a concert in Belgium. Concert-goers said the Jewish star was among several symbols representing various corporations and fascist movements.

Waters has also falsely testified to the UN that Hamas “is open to permanent peace with Israel” – a direct contradiction of Hamas’ own statements.

He has frequently blasted other musicians for choosing to perform in Israel. His most recent “victim” was Jon Bon Jovi, to whom he penned an open letter condemning his choice and claiming he “had a chance to stand on the side of justice.”

“You stand shoulder to shoulder with the settler who burned the baby, with the bulldozer driver who crushed Rachel Corrie,” Waters stated.

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