Rock Throwing Terrorist Eliminated by IDF Fire

December 29, 2014  

IDF forces who were deployed to prevent Arab terrorists from hurling potentially lethal rocks at Israeli cars located Arab terrorists attacking cars near the Tapuach Junction in Samaria, and in the ensuing confrontation shot one of the terrorists to death.

A message from the IDF Spokesperson unit clarified that the soldiers conducted the standard procedure to apprehend terrorists, including shouting a warning in Arabic, firing into the air, and finally firing at the lower extremities of the terrorist.

One of the terrorists was wounded from the gunfire, and despite being given medical treatment by the IDF forces died of his wounds.

Army sources indicated that as a result of the death of the rock-throwing terrorist, IDF soldiers will likely be put under investigation for their actions defending Israeli motorists by the army’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

Deputy Yesha Council Director Yossi Dagan responded to the incident, saying “we support the IDF soldiers who guard the security of the state of Israel. Throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails is an attempt at murder by all measures. The state of Israel, as a proper country, must declare true war against terror.”

“We expect the prime minister and defense minister not to stutter, but rather to back the soldiers sharply and clearly,” said Dagan. “Today, we all pray for the healing of Ayala Shapira and rely on the IDF and security forces to act firmly as the soldiers did today to prevent the next attack.”

In the Tapuach region where the incident occurred, Jewish residents have been suffering a near daily onslaught of rock attacks frequently causing damage to property and, in many causes, causing serious injury.

The lethal danger of the rock attacks on speeding vehicles was tragically demonstrated in 2011, when Asher Palmer and his infant son Yonatan hy”d were murdered as rocks were thrown through the windshield, striking Asher in the face and causing a lethal crash.

Back in August a young father Yedaya Sharchaton was hit in the head by a rock while driving in Judea and was critically wounded as his car flipped. His wife and one-year-old daughter miraculously were unscathed in the attack.

At the time, Har Hevron Regional Council head Yohai Dimri told Arutz Sheva “this isn’t the first time that it’s been proven rocks are just as dangerous as gunfire or a rocket.”

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