Road to Congress is Through Jerusalem

August 13, 2012  

The road to Congress may run through Jerusalem, where a stop in the Israeli capital appears to be a “must do” on the campaign trail in this year’s United States national elections.

World Likud chairman MK Danny Danon has recently received dozens of requests from U.S. Congressional candidates to come to Israel as part of their campaign strategy.

“Members of Congress and various candidates build their entire campaigns around support for Israel,” Danon contends. “This is a positive trend that can contribute greatly to the State of Israel.”

During their visits, Congressional members meet with Danon, take a tour of Jerusalem and the Western Wall, and in addition receive a briefing as part of an extensive tour of the so-called “West Bank” area.

“Judea and Samaria are part of Israel, and Jerusalem is the capital of Israel,” visitors are told by Danon at the start of their visit.

U.S. Representatives Joe Walsh and Allen West are both expected for visits to Israel in the near future.

GOP Congressional candidate Daniel Halloran met Monday with Danon in Jerusalem, where they discussed the status of Israel’s capital city and relations between the two countries. Among other issues, Halloran expressed support for the report by Edmund Levy regarding the legal status of land and the right of Jews to build homes in Judea and Samaria.

“I read the report and I support it,” said Halloran.

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