Rioting PA Arabs Attack IDF Soldiers at El Aroub

November 6, 2011  

Rioting Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs attacked IDF soldiers on patrol Sunday afternoon next to the Judean village of El Aroub.

Some 30 Arabs who were involved in the melee hurled rocks at the soldiers. IDF troops responded with riot control measures.

Earlier in the day, PA Arabs ambushed Israeli motorists with a number of rock and firebomb attacks along the northern section of Highway 60, in the Samaria region. 

El Aroub is located along Highway 60, on the segment known as the Jerusalem-Hevron highway. The village, located just south of Gush Etzion and Bethlehem, is slightly north of another “hot spot,” the PA Arab village of Beit Ummar.

Both places are central to local Arab terror, and have been the location for repeated riots by Arabs hurling rocks and firebombs at Israeli motorists and soldiers, in attacks that have sometimes proved as deadly as they clearly were intended to be.

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