Rihanna Swims in the Dead Sea in Israel

October 23, 2013  

R&B singing sensation performs in Tel Aviv several hours after landing in Israel on private jet, spends time before show showing off her bikini in lowest place on earth. Fans disappointed as concert begins one hour late, some of Rihanna’s greatest hits left out

Shay Arzuan

Rihanna, one of the most successful singers in the world right now, performed at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park on Tuesday night as part of her Diamonds world tour, showing everyone who the real “bad girl of pop” is. According to producers, the concert was sold out to more than 50,000 fans.

Rihanna disappointed fans by getting on stage at 10 pm, one hour after the concert was scheduled to start, and putting on a shorter show of just 75 minutes. In addition, she skipped some of her greatest hits, including “Love Song” and “Russian Roulette.”

Rihanna on stage (Photo:
Yaron Brener)

Not one of her best shows
(Photo: Yaron Brener)

What’s my name? (Photo:
Yaron Brener)

Too late, too short (Photo:
Yaron Brener)


The R&B singing sensation landed at Ben-Gurion Airport several hours
before the concert and headed to the Royal Rimonim Dead Sea Hotel, where she did
not pass on the opportunity to take a dip in the salty water.


Rihanna posted an Instagram photo of
herself stepping off the plane with the hashtag “Hello #ISRAEL!”

Rihanna relaxing before
concert (Photo: Abie)


RiRi arrived in Israel from Greece on a private jet, moving over to a
helicopter which took her to the Dead Sea.


Immediately after the show, she flew to Turkey, where she was expected to
rest for a few hours (and maybe take some more photos for her Instagram

Happy floating (Photo:

Showering before concert
(Photo: Aibe)

Did you get all the salt
off? (Photo: Aibe)

Another Instagram photo?
(Photo: Aibe)

Rihanna after landing in
Israel, Tuesday (Photo: Gila Zeltzer)


Get out of my way!
(Photo: Gila


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  1. By IsraeliGirl143, October 24, 2013

    What is Rhianna even wearing in all those pictures? That’s what she wore and preformed in at her concert? and was an hour late? and didn’t sing some of her hits? I would be disappointed too.


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