Reporter stabbed and wounded trying new IDF neck guard

January 6, 2016  

Journalist Eitam Lachover of Channel 1 went out on Wednesday morning to film a piece about the new anti-stabbing neck guards being distributed by the IDF, to help combat soldiers deal with the constant threat of knife-wielding Arab terrorists.

During his reporting, Lachover met with representatives of the company that produces the protective pieces of equipment, both for the military and for the private market.

As the cameras rolled, the representatives asked Lachover to try on the neck guard and experience its defensive capabilities.

Unfortunately the neck guard did not hold up to their promises of defense, and the knife stabbed right through it, lightly wounding the reporter.

Representatives of the company were greatly embarrassed by the fiasco, and immediately went to help Lachover.

He was then evacuated to the hospital to receive medical treatment, where the doctors stitched up the cut.

An initial 850 protective neck guards, which wrap around the neck and over the shoulders, are set to be passed out by the end of the month, mostly to combat soldiers stationed at checkpoints and roadblocks in Judea and Samaria.

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