Report: Lecturer who said IDF soldiers rape Arabs is sacked

February 4, 2016  

The Help Center for Victims of Sexual Assault has reportedly fired Naila Awad from her position as project coordinator in Nazareth, following scandalous allegations she made in a lecture at Oranim College on Monday.

About 30 students walked out on Awad after she claimed that IDF soldiers sexually harass and rape Arab women in Judea and Samaria.

When a student remarked that in Biblical times, Jewish men could take wives from populations they had defeated, Awad reportedly replied: “True. Today, too, many studies prove that IDF soldiers sexually abuse and rape Palestinian women in the Territories.”

The discussion grew very heated from that point onward, and students demanded to see the studies Awad had been talking about. The students also claimed that the moderator, Walid Mula, made dismissive gestures and told the students to “look at your president, your chief of police. Keep living in an illusion, you and your holy army.”

At that point, about 30 students got up and left.

Awad was a guest lecturer on behalf of the Help Center for Victims of Sexual Assault and an NGO named Women Against Violence, a longtime New Israel Fund grantee whose founder, Aida Touma Sliman, is now an MK for the Arab Joint List.

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