Report: Lebanon Claims Arrest of ‘Israeli Spy’

September 26, 2011  

The Lebanese Army announced on Monday it had arrested a man on suspicion of spying for Israel, the As-Safir newspaper reported.

The suspect, arrested late Saturday and held for interrogation, was identified only as Ibrahim S., 55, the newspaper said.

The Egypt-born Ibrahim, who is married to a Lebanese woman, has lived in Hasbaya, southeast Lebanon, for the past 20 years.

Security sources told As-Safir in remarks published Monday that Ibrahim has worked at several laundries in Hasbaya, Beirut and border towns.

They said Ibrahim crossed into Israel in 1982, shortly after Israel created a strategic buffer zone in southern Lebanon, and worked in Israel for a ‘substantial period of time.’

Lebanese military intelligence raided Ibrahim’s apartment in western Hasbaya on Sunday, confiscating all electronic devices including a computer, according to the newspaper.

Since April 2009 Lebanese authorities have arrested some 100 they suspect of spying on behalf of Israel. 

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