Report: IAF Drill Above Southern Lebanon

January 4, 2012  

A Lebanese newspaper reported Wednesday the Israeli Air Force conducted a three-hour drill in the skies above southern Lebanon.

The display was not one the usual surreptitious reconnaissance flight, according to The Daily Star, but allegedly “an unusual show of force” by at least ten warplanes.

The IDF also staged a surprise drill at its base at the port of Haifa as Iran completed ten days of “war games” that included a threat on Israel.

The aircraft “hovered at low altitudes” during the exercises, according to the report, which referred to the drill as a series of “mock air raids” over south Lebanon.

The planes “zoomed and hovered at low altitudes over Nabatiyeh and Marjayoun….simulating mock attacks,” reported the newspaper. “They also hovered at low and high altitudes over the southern coastal strip from Sidon all the way to Naqoura.”

Photos of the white wake of jets in the blue skies above Lebanon were included with the report, but no aircraft were visible.

Lebanon has often complained to the United Nations about Israel’s “violations” of its air space following the 2006 Second Lebanon War. However, it has continued to uphold the right of Hizbullah terrorists to bear arms, in violation of the ceasefire agreement that ended the war.

The terrorist group — a beneficiary of Iran and Syria — has since become an integral part of the Lebanese government and has not only replaced its weapons arsenal, but in fact has since substantially increased the number of missiles over that which existed prior to the start of the 2006 war.

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