Renewed flooding in central Israel expected Thursday

October 29, 2015  

Israel has been awash in wintry weather for the past week and the heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected to continue Thursday until the early afternoon. 

The heavy rains, typical of the season, are a result of the many rain clouds making their way to Israel’s shores. As the temperatures of sea waters are still relatively warm, the rain clouds passing by easily develop into thunderstorms. 

In addition, because of the velocity of the rain, the risk of flooding is increased. 

In the Sharon region, north of Tel Aviv, many streets and houses have already been flooded as a result of the heavy rainfall and more flooding is expected today.

The Ra’anana municipality urged residents to remain home overnight, tie up objects that might fly away and also be prepared for storms throughout the course of the day Thursday. 

About 1,000 households in the region remain cut off from power, and Ra’anana Mayor Ze’ev Bielski has pressed the Israel Electric Company to repair electrical problems for suffering residents of Ra’anana and other neighboring towns. 

In the meantime, the municipality’s emergency teams are prepared and have been deployed throughout the city. 

Although Thursday morning will be quite stormy, the rains will ease away gradually on Friday giving way to a warm and sunny weekend. 


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