Red Crescent Medics, Olympic Goalkeeper Arrested for Terror

April 2, 2012  

The Shin Bet and IDF have arrested 13 members of a terror cell that fired at IDF soldiers in the Amari refugee neighborhood of Ramallah on January 20. No one was hurt in that incident, but one of the IDF vehicles was damaged.

Some of the arrested terrorists were employees of the Red Crescent emergency service. One of the two men who fired at the IDF is the goalkeeper for the Palestinian Authority’s Olympic soccer team.

The group received the Kalashnikov rifles that it used for the attack from an officer in the PA’s “General Intelligence,” who is in charge of the guards at the Red Crescent.

The terrorists are residents of Amari. Under Shin Bet interrogation, they gave much information about Arab activities against the IDF and the security barrier in the area.

Among those arrested is Omar Abu Rawis, 22, who is a Red Crescent employee and also is the goalkeeper in the team that is to represent the PA in the upcoming Olympics.

After carrying out the shooting, Rawis and a second suspect left the guns inside a bag in an abandoned building and came back for them the next day. The suspects admitted planning additional attacks, at Atara, the Geva checkpoint, Atarot, Maaleh Adumim, Ofra and Shechem.

Israel has agreed to the participation of a PA team in the London Olympics this year. The games will be held 40 years after the Munich Olympics, in which PLO terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes. 

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