Rabbis Warn Imams to Repent for Inciting Abduction

July 2, 2014  

Speaking to Arab clerics in their own language, rabbis of the Derech Emunah (“Way of Faith”) organization on Wednesday dispatched a letter in Arabic to about 50 Muslim clerics, heads of mosques and universities in major Arab towns and villages.

In the letter, the rabbis described the pain felt by Jews because of the abduction and murder of Eyal Yifrah (19), Naftali Frenkel (16), and Gilad Sha’ar (16), but warn the clerics that not even such acts of terror will cause the Jewish people to give up their rights to the Land of Israel.

The rabbis placed direct responsibility for the murders on the rhetoric used by clerics.

“As Islamic leaders, you know that you have much influence over your followers. Everyone has heard about the incitement that takes place in mosques on Fridays. Those who preach this incitement are directly responsible for the murders of Israelis,” declared the letter.

“You must understand that the Jewish people have returned to their homeland,” the rabbis wrote. “This is by Divine decree. After thousands of years of wandering in the Exile in Morocco and Poland and Russia, we have returned to stay. The difficulties posed by the incitement and those responsible for it will not discourage us.

“You are welcome to take part in our Return to Zion,” the letter said. “You must change your ways and stop fighting G-d’s will, to stop your incitement against us and to end your program of educating children to hate us. All religious leaders who do so will merit a place in the World to Come when they leave this world.”

“But those who do not mend their ways and continue to seek our destruction must realize that G-d will take His revenge against them. The first ones to be judged will be the religious leaders and educators who should have known better,” the letter added. “Not only will G-d take revenge on you, but so will His agent, the IDF, which will continue to operate in Judea and Samaria. We call on you, in the name of G-d, to repent – stop the incitement, turn away from evil.”

The message of the rabbis surprisingly is reminiscent of that of Sheikh Ahmad Adwan, a Muslim scholar living in Jordan, who stated in March “Allah chose to call this land ‘Israel’ and not ‘Palestine.’ The term ‘Palestine’ does not appear in the Koran either. According to our faith, Allah promised Israel to the Jewish people, and they are the sole official inheritors of that land. Therefore, the war of Muslims and Arabs against the Jews must stop, and they must let the Jews live in peace on their land.” 

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