Rabbi Amar: Knesset ‘Most Kosher’ Place in Israel

December 28, 2014  

The comments heard there may not always be so “kosher,” but the food they eat most definitely is, Jerusalem’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar said of the Knesset Sunday. “The kitchens here are among the most kosher I have ever visited anywhere in Israel,” Rabbi Amar said after a tour of the kitchen.

Rabbi Amar was joined on the tour by Rabbi Yaakov Ruhamkin, director of kashrut in the Jerusalem Rabbinate, Rabbi Alexander Hochman, Rabbi of the Knesset, and several of the kashrut supervisors who work in the Knesset’s kitchen.

Rabbi Amar checked the kitchen’s ovens, refrigerators, pantries, and food preparation areas, and came away very impressed. The occasion for the visit was the renewal of the Knesset’s kashrut certification, which was coming due. Rabbi Amar signed the recertification document without hesitation.

Rabbi Amar profusely thanked the Knesset’s management for the assistance they provided Rabbi Hochman on religious matters, ensuring that all MKs and visitors would feel comfortable in the plenum and its dining areas.


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