Psagot Couple Narrowly Escape Shooting Incident

May 7, 2014  

A couple from the Shomron (Samaria) community of Psagot came very close to being hurt on Wednesday evening when Arab terrorists from Ramallah fired shots at their home.

In fact, Elad and Sherry Yaakobi said following Wednesday evening’s incident, had the bullet landed a few inches further than where it did, Sherry would have been hit.

The incident took place shortly after 9:30 p.m., they said, after they put their children to bed and came out to their porch to drink a cup of coffee.

“At that moment I heard something hitting the wall of the house behind me,” recalled Elad.

“I looked around and found a bullet by my foot. I shouted to Sherry and to the rest of the neighbors to go inside quickly, and contacted security forces,” he added.

“Nothing short of a great miracle happened here,” emphasized Elad. “A few more inches and Sherry would have been hit by the bullet.”

A ‘code red’ alarm sounded throughout Psagot after the shots were fired. The residents of the community were instructed to stay in their homes, lock their doors and close their windows, and were given the all clear after security forces determined there were no suspicious figures in the area.

Following the incident, the heads of Psagot called on Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon work to eradicate terrorism.

“Today’s incident is the fourth in Psagot in the past week,” they said. “Last week, rocks were thrown towards the community, on Friday night a burning tire was thrown on a fence and caused it serious damage. Rocks were thrown at the firefighters who came to put out the fire.”

“The shooting today is a direct continuation of the terrorism that has been rearing its head. As long as the security system does not treat rock throwing as terrorism, they will continue to try to hurt us through shootings,” they warned.

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