Protesters threaten Trump, block campaign rally

March 12, 2016  

Protesters descended on a massive campaign rally for the GOP frontrunner on Friday night in Chicago, clashing with supporters and police outside of an auditorium on the University of Illinois at Chicago campus.

Hundreds of demonstrators, many of them students of the University of Illinois, showed up ahead of the planned rally to protest against the Republican presidential hopeful.

Squaring off against Trump supporters and police, the tense pre-rally atmosphere was marred by angry confrontations, reports of violence, and at least five arrests.

With chaos on the streets surrounding the venue for the planned campaign event, Trump postponed the event, claiming that proceeding with the rally as planned “would not have been a good situation.”

Trump claimed that 25,000 supporters were attempting to enter the auditorium ahead of his decision to delay the event, arguing that the protesters had infringed on his supporter’s rights.

“Our First Amendment rights have been violated,” Trump said.

With news of the rally’s cancellation, demonstrators cheered, blocking off the exits to the auditorium and heckling Trump supporters as they marched out of the building.

On Saturday, the Donald Trump’s campaign was back in full swing, with the Manhattan billionaire speaking to an overflow crowd just outside of Dayton, Ohio.

But protesters again managed to disrupt the event, threatening Trump directly as they attempted to force their way onto the podium.

Four Secret Service agents quickly surrounded the candidate as demonstrators were removed.

The real estate mogul assured the audience that he was unfazed by the incident, claiming “I was ready”.

Within minutes Trump resumed his speech, telling the audience after the incident that “It’s payback time, it’s payback time.”

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