Protesters Seek to Disrupt AIPAC



Protesters demonstrated outside the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference (AIPAC) Convention Center on Sunday, and were heard yelling, “end the occupation” and “end the apartheid.”

The Algemeiner’s live AIPAC blog said that the protesters used visuals which included “[g]iant letters to spell out “NO WAR ON IRAN”, puppets, mock checkpoint and Annexation Wall, flashmob, and more.”

“The Occupy AIPAC coalition is gathering to urge Obama to reject the Israeli administration’s push for war on Iran and insist on respect for Palestinian rights. Timed to coincide with the annual AIPAC policy conference from March 3-6, the Occupy AIPAC summit will be a long weekend of events and protests that draw attention to the role of AIPAC as a special interest lobby that maintains a stranglehold over US policies. As the Occupy Movement has focused public ire on the role of large corporations and powerful lobby groups, hundreds will gather in DC to protest AIPAC’s push for war,” the “Occupy AIPAC” website states.

“After 10 years of war, the American people need a foreign policy that focuses on diplomacy, but AIPAC takes us down the dangerous path of war with Iran,” Occupy AIPAC organizer Medea Benjamin said.

The Occupy Movement, which began with social protests against the economic injustices of Wall Street, has turned into another forum of de-legitimizing, vilifying and demonizing Israel and all those who support the Jewish state. 


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