Prosor Slams Security Council Over Silence on Rockets

March 14, 2012  

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, on Tuesday presented a letter of complaint to the UN Security Council and to the organization’s Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, over the Council’s silence in the face of the continued rocket attacks on southern Israel.

“250 missiles since Friday, a rocket every 20 minutes, and zero response from the Security Council,” Prosor wrote in the letter, reminding Ban that “during your visit to Israel you met with children from the south and saw the situation for yourself. Yesterday you told the members of the Council that the firing of rockets at Israel’s civilian population should stop immediately and that it is unacceptable. But the Council members are still silent.”

Prosor’s letter came after four days of hostilities during which terror groups fired more than 200 rockets at Israeli civilians, while the IAF responded by targeting the cells firing the rockets – killing 27 Gazans, of whom 25 were terrorists.

The IDF laid the blame for civilian casualties at the door of the terror gangs, noting they were firing rockets from deep within densely populated civilian areas and using civilians as human shields.

Prosor warned in his letter that “It is enough that one of the missiles hits the wrong place and Israel’s response will be completely different.”

He added, “Millions of citizens are paralyzed – and there is no response. 200 thousand children are not going to school and there is no response. Something in this equation is not right.”

On Monday night it was reported that Egypt had brokered a ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza-based terror groups. The ceasefire went into effect as of 1:00 a.m. (Israel time) Tuesday morning, but terrorists continued to fire rockets and missiles into Israel throughout the day.

One person was lightly injured on Tuesday evening after being hit in the hand by flying glass when a rocket hit Netivot. 11 people suffered shock. The attack came just hours after a pair of rockets slammed into the Ashkelon beaches. No physical injuries were reported in that attack.

On Sunday, Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN appealed to the Security Council, asking it to condemn the continued rocket fire at Israel’s southern communities.

In his formal complaint letter Haim Waxman wrote, “The constant firing dramatically affects the daily lives of more than one million Israeli citizens. Many people have suffered from shock and tens of thousands of children remained at home so we can ensure their safety. Israel’s citizens are living under threat and danger.”

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