Prosecutor Appeals, Says Mubarak Deserves to Die

June 3, 2012  

Egypt’s chief prosecutor is appealing the life sentence handed down to Hosni Mubarak, whom he wants sentenced to death for the killing of more than 800 demonstrators last year.

The appeal automatically included asking for a new verdict for Mubarak’s two sons and six security officers who were acquitted.

New charges of money laundering will be filed against Mubarak’s son, the prosecutor said.

The life sentence handed down Saturday triggered mass protests by tens of thousands of Egyptians who wanted nothing less than the death penalty.

The verdict played into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose presidential candidate Mohammed Morsi is campaigning against a former Mubarak aide, Ahmed Shafiq.

“The public prosecutor did not carry out its full duty in gathering adequate evidence to convict the accused for killing protesters,” said Morsi’s campaign spokesman. the Muslim Brotherhood is running under the name of the Freedom and Justice party, one of whose members was quoted by CNN as saying, “How is (Mubarak) imprisoned for life … but his main aides are set free?”

Shafiq, who was Mubarak’s prime minister, has said he will not follow the ways of the old regime. He accepted the verdict and life sentence, saying it “means that there is no one in Egypt who is any longer above the law and cannot be held accountable.”

The verdict, less than two weeks before the elections, is bound to hurt Shafiq’s chances of winning as the life sentence whipped up the same furor that raged during the uprising that forced the ouster of Mubarak.

“In the near future, if I am chosen, I will directly initiate a criminal investigation to identify evidence against those who killed revolutionaries, those who caused corruption and those who robbed the nation,” Morsi said. “I repeat, I am with the revolution and I will continue to be, even after I become president.”

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