Possible Tunnel Infiltration Foiled



Residents of the kibbutz community of Kerem Shalom were warned of a possible terrorist infiltration Tuesday morning and told to remain inside their homes. At the same time, Hamas’s armed wing said it had blown up a tunnel in the region.

The IDF later confirmed that there had been a “security-related incident” at the location, and that it had ended without casualties on the Israeli side. Further details were not forthcoming.

There was also a report that a parachute was found near the community of Netiv Haasara and that the IDF was combing the area.

Earlier Tuesday, four Hamas terrorists breached the Gaza security border amid the ongoing shower of rockets, which have continued raining on Israel after IDF Operation Protective Edge was launched the previous night in order to stamp out the constant rocket attacks against southern Israeli communities.

The terrorists entered Israel by sea and were on their way to Kibbutz Zikim, located roughly a kilometer and a half (around one mile) north of Gaza along the coastwhen they encountered IDF forces from the Givati infantry brigade. A gunfight broke out, with all four terrorists being eliminated on the spot in the exchange of fire; one IDF soldier was lightly injured in the incident. On the bodies of the four terrorists, large quantities of weapons and ammunition were found, including RPGs (rocket propelled grenades),explosives and hand grenades.

The IDF Spokesman said Tuesday evening that about 150 IDF attacks have been carried out in Gaza since Operation Protective Edge was launched Monday night. Five of these were eliminations of senior Hamas terrorists.

Ten offensive tunnels were attacked, as were three targets belonging to the Hamas air defenses, about 18 sites for manufacturing and storing weapons, and 98 buried launchers. About 23 rockets have been intercepted since the operation began and 116 rocket strikes against Israel were identified.


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