Police Vow to Respond to Railway Stabbing ‘With Prejudice’

March 15, 2012  

Jerusalem Periphery Police Chief Nissim Edri told reporters Thursday that police were responding the stabbing of a female soldier on the city’s light rail with “prejudice.”

“This was a nationalistic terrorist attack,” Edri said. “Train security personnel pursued [and captured] the perpetrator, who was checked before the incident.”

“There was no advance warning. We see the event as severe, and it will be handled with prejudice.” Edri said, hoping to calm th public.

He insisted there was no danger in using the Light Rail system and that tomorrow’s Jerusalem Marathon will take place as scheduled. Last year’s Jerusalem Marathon was preceded by a bombing at a bus stop that killed 1 and wounded 50.

Edri’s remarks came on the heels of demands by Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, David Hadari, that police increase their efforts.

“The police must demonstrate fearless determination and continue to monitor the security of the people,” Hadari said.

 Immediately after the attack, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat urged citizens not to allow terrorists to cow them and disrupt their daily routines.

“I regard this attempt to disrupt life in Jerusalem with great gravity,” Barkat said. “Routine events in Jerusalem will continue as planned, and the light rail will continue to operate and serve all residents, Jews and Arabs.”

“I urge residents to continue their daily routines and to remain alert,” he said.

The stabbing came as rocket fire on Israel’s southern communities entered its seventh day.

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