Police Start Eviction of Families from Tel Aviv Suburb

September 17, 2014  

Police began forcibly evicting around 20 families from the Tel Aviv suburb of Givat Amal Bet on Wednesday morning, despite the Tel Aviv Municipality’s request to wait on the action until after the upcoming Jewish High Holidays.

Large police forces and Yassam police special forces arrived on scene early in the morning, where they faced off against the families and protesters who refused to clear the site.

Four members of one family were arrested after they opened their home’s gas balloon in a potentially dangerous protest against the evacuation, reports Walla!.

Billionaire businessman Yitzhak Tshuva bought the land the neighborhood is built on and has plans to build luxury residences on it, although local families have been conducting a struggle to maintain their hold on the property since the 1980s.

The land, valued at billions of shekels, is home to roughly 150 people.

On Tuesday, Tshuva reached a financial settlement with the Kabiri family that makes up 30 of the local residents, in what was seen as a breakthrough in his push to claim the real estate.

Currently Tshuva and his representatives are reportedly on site conducting negotiations with the protesting families.

The evacuation comes despite the fact that the Tel Aviv Municipality held a meeting on Sunday, in which it decided unanimously to postpone the action until after the holidays.

MK Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home), who has been among those trying to find an alternate living situation for the residents, protested with the 150 residents on Monday against the evacuation.

“I hope that by tomorrow morning Tshuva’s representatives will reach a fair and honorable agreement with the residents,” said Shaked.

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