Police: Rocks Pelted at Herzog’s Car ‘An Accident’

April 21, 2015  

Police have declared the rocks pelted at Labor leader Yitzhak Herzog’s wife’s car on Monday the result of an “accident,” Channel 2 reports Tuesday morning. 

Footage from a security camera near the scene of the rock-throwing suggests that the rocks had actually been catapulted into the air by a vehicle in front of Michal Herzog’s car, police said; as the vehicle hit the rocks, which were scattered on the road, they flew into the air and hit Herzog’s car behind the unlucky vehicle. 

The incident unfolded Monday night, as Herzog left the couple’s home in northern Tel Aviv. 

Herzog immediately filed a complaint with the Tel Aviv District Police, began investigating the incident, along with the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet). 

Police attributed no motive to the attack in the early hours of the investigation, and it was suggested that the rock had not been intentionally aimed at Herzog’s car, albeit still a terror attack. 

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