Police Raid Hostile Arab Neighborhood in Jerusalem

August 20, 2015  


Police closed off the road from Issawiya toward Ma’ale Adumim Thursday, as it raided the northeastern Jerusalem neighborhood and carried out arrests.

The raid follows extensive rioting and disturbances in recent weeks that emanated from the area, which has been a trouble spot for years.

The riots included rock throwing, firebombs and rolling burning tires onto the road to Ma’ale Adumim. Police said they were closing the road to Issawiya “to protect the safety of the citizens traveling on the road.”

Police sources added that policemen from the Jerusalem District, Jerusalem Border Police, and reinforcements were operating inside Issawiya, to prevent rioters from emerging and harming people on the roads.

A policeman was lightly hurt Wednesday from shards of a firebomb.

Footage of the violence inside Issawiya can be seen in this embedded video, by clicking on the frame:

The Jerusalem Police is also taking action on the investigative and intelligence levels, arresting locals who broke the law in previous events and endangered security forces.

In the course of the past month, 16 suspects in rioting were arrested in Issawiya, 11 of them minors. In addition, 11 minors aged 15-16 were arrested on suspicion of rock throwing, eight of whom have been charged.

In addition, 20 youths from Issawiya – 10 of them minors – were arrested in late July. All ten adults and five of the minors have been charged. 

Issawiya is known as a Hamas stronghold and its residents have been involved in terrorizing their surroundings for years. This includes firebombs, rocks and sexual harassment in and around the Hebrew University Mount Scopus campus.

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