Police fear mafia war as heir to crime family assassinated

May 8, 2016  

Shai Shirazi, one of Israel’s most well-known criminals and son of mob boss Rico Shirazi, was assassinated on Saturday night in northern Tel Aviv.

Shirazi was seriously wounded from gunfire and was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. Another man in his 50s, presumably Shiraz’s personal security guard, was shot in his lower extremities and was lightly injured.

Initial investigations indicated that the assassins followed Shirazi in his his car and waited for the opportunity to strike. When Shirazi stopped at a traffic light at the corner of Moshe Sneh and Dr Elie Tavin Street, the assassins opened fire.

Police fear retaliation is imminent from Shirazi’s father, Rico, and other criminal organization he heads.

Last December, a Tel Aviv court sentenced Rico Shirazi to eight years in prison for tax offenses, holding fictitious accounts, money laundering, and threatening others.

Police continue to investigate the crime scene.

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