Police chief: Only some criticisms of police are accurate

June 5, 2016  

Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich commented on criticism over the police’s handling of today’s flag march in Jerusalem for Jerusalem Day.

“Nothing got by the police this past week. Whatever the media said, we in the police are working and are pleased with our progress,” he said.

Despite this, Alsheich added: “We all have the same goal and the media is allowed to criticize, yet we will continue to do our part. Some of the criticisms were not based on any facts, not even the minimum factual basis, and some were legitimate.”

“When there is friction and things don’t seem right, it is legitimate to criticize. In those cases, we listen and take lessons. But if something is not legitimate, it is our duty to ignore it.”

Speaking specifically about today’s rally, he said, “I see the joy and it is wonderful that we are able to let all the groups in our population march joyfully, to give a sense of security so that everything goes peacefully.”

A number of people have complained that police unfairly detained right-wing activists who had not committed crimes and that the Supreme Court showed more concern for Muslims’ sentiments than for Israeli traditions.

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