Police catch Shechem man ‘on his way to attack’

June 3, 2016  

A 38-year-old Arab man from Shechem in Samaria was arrested in Kafr Kassem on Friday, with two knives on his person. 

He stated to the police officers who arrested him that he was preparing to carry out an attack against Israeli Jews in one of the Sharon-area cities, Channel 2 reports. 

The police were in the midst of a routine operation in the area, when suddenly they saw a man walking to Kafr Kassem with his bag in a suspicious manner. They detained the young man and interrogated him.

The suspect insisted that he simply had T-shirts in his bag – but the police examined the contents of the bag and found inside two knives.

After admitting that his intention was to carry out an attack in the Sharon region, police officers arrested him. 

An investigation into the incident continues. 

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