Police bar hundreds of Jews from visiting Samarian town

May 12, 2016  


Hundreds of Jews made their way overnight to the ruins of Sa-Nur, one of the four Jewish towns in Samaria destroyed as part of the 2005 Disengagement.

But the group, which included dozens of families of former residents of Sa-Nur and the neighboring community of Homesh, was intercepted by Israeli police and IDF forces, who aborted the planned visit.

The former residents, joined by friends and supporters, had intended to celebrate Independence Day in Sa-Nur, a bittersweet memorial for the now destroyed community.

Those making their way to the ruined town, however, found their path barred, with police roadblocks shutting down access to the site of Sa-Nur.

Police patrols along alternative routes prevented members of the group from making their way to the town by foot.

On Thursday morning the former residents released a joint statement which read: “Thank God, we have not forgotten our homes, and there is no day more fitting than Independence Day to renew our call to return Jewish control over Sa-Nur, [for it is] a day that symbolizes the beginning of Jewish sovereignty over our land.”

“Even those who supported the [2005 Gaza] Disengagement now recognize what a mistake it was to uproot and expel [residents of Gush Katif and northern Samaria], and there is no reason, either in terms of security or moral reasons not to permit dozens of former residents of Sa-Nur and Homesh to go back home. Nothing would better express Jewish independence than to make the clear choice to reestablish the communities in northern Samaria. Today, sadly, we were blocked, but we will not be silent until we achieve this goal.”

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) who had joined the delegation on its way to Sa-Nur, praised the former residents and echoed their calls for renewed settlement of the area.

“There is no better time than Independence Day to return to the town of Sa-Nur and celebrate our state’s independence. Nothing is more just that the claims of these families, and God-willing we will merit to return together to these towns renew our independence over all of the Land of Israel. Happy Independence Day.”

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