PM: IAEA Report Shows ‘We Are Right on Iran’

February 25, 2012  

In his first statement on the International Atomic Energy Agency’s latest report, which said that Iran has expanded it nuclear program, and that the IAEA was concerned over the program’s “possible military dimensions,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Saturday night that the report “constitutes additional proof that the State of Israel’s assessments are correct. Iran is continuing with its nuclear program without let-up; it is enriching uranium to a high level of 20% while grossly ignoring the demands of the international community.”

According to the report, Iran in recent months has sharply increased the rate of uranium enrichment. The report said that Iran was continuing its enrichment program “without hesitation,” and was enriching uranium to levels of 20%, disregarding the demands of the international community.

The report also said that the Agency was concerned over the “military dimensions” of Iran’s program, as enrichment levels of 20% would enable Iran to use the uranium to develop nuclear weapons.

The report added that Iran has not cooperated sufficiently with international inspectors. As such, the report said, inspectors could not guarantee that there were no hidden nuclear facilities in Iran, and “that all nuclear materials in Iran are destined to be used for peaceful purposes.”

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