PM Appoints Ron Dermer as Next Ambassador to US

July 9, 2013  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has decided to appoint Ron Dermer as Israel’s next Ambassador to the United States.

Over the past four years, Dermer has served as Prime Minister Netanyahu’s senior adviser and previously (2005-2008) served as the economic attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Washington.

Dermer is 42, married and the father of five children. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business and holds a master’s degree in philosophy, politics and economics from Oxford.

In 2004, Natan Sharansky and Dermer wrote The Case For Democracy: The Power Of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny And Terror, which became a best-seller and has been translated into ten languages.

“Ron Dermer has all the qualities necessary to successfully fill this important post. I have known him for many years and I know that Ron will faithfully represent the State of Israel in the capital of our greatest ally – the USA. On behalf of the citizens of Israel, I wish him great success,” said Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Ambassador Oren recently announced that he intends to move back to Israel and will be leaving his post this fall.

“After over four years I will complete my duties this coming fall,” Oren said in a statement. “I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to represent Israel and its government…Israel and the United States have always, and will always enjoy a special relationship, and I have had the privilege of playing a central role in shaping these bonds, and making them stronger. I hope to continue to serve Israel in the future.”

Oren was appointed ambassador to the U.S. in 2009. His term was extended by three months following the last Israeli election.

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