Plea bargain with teen terrorist being considered again

January 20, 2016  

The prosecution is considering a plea bargain with teen terrorist Ahmed Mansara, who carried out a stabbing attack in Pisgat Zeev in October.

Mansara’s lawyers, who had previously tried to reach a deal with the prosecutor’s office and were rejected, are reportedly now interested in trying again to find a way to ease his sentence.

When the indictment against Mansara was filed he was 13 years old, but he has since celebrated his 14th birthday and he can now be sent to a lengthy prison sentence. The prosecution wants Mansara to serve a lengthy prison sentence and also for him to confess to the attack after previously denying involvement.

The minor’s lawyers have claimed that their client had no murderous intention toward the 13-year-old boy and 25-year-old man that were seriously wounded in the stabbing attack in Jerusalem.

According to them, the person who intended to murder the two Israelis was Mansara’s 15-year-old cousin, who was shot dead by security forces at the scene of the attack.

The terrorist himself was interviewed by Al-Jazeera in recent days, telling the network that he has no intention of confessing

“They swore at me and pressured me [to confess]. I told them I did not do anything,” Mansara said.

After Mansara and his cousin carried out the stabbing attack, Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas declared in a speech  that Israel had “executed” Mansara, when in fact he was very much alive. Israel later circulated videos and photos of the teen to disprove Abbas’s lies.

In fact, it was Mansara’s cousin Mahmoud who was killed by Israeli police after refusing to put down his weapon and instead charging at officers. The entire attack was recorded on CCTV cameras, and footage was released by police shortly after.

Israeli officials – including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s office –immediately slammed the comments as “lies” and “incitement”, resulting in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) rewriting the speech – only to get the facts wrong yet again.

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