Photo of alleged criminal in kippah anti-Semitic?

February 1, 2016  

The British newspaper The Independent has vigorously denied charges of anti-Semitism over the use of an image showing an alleged child abuser wearing a kippah. 

The article published in January revolved around the late Lord Greville Janner, who was Jewish, and the charges of sexual child abuse leveled against him. 

Several readers complained about the image of Janner in a kippah, according to the UK-based Jewish Chronicle, with two asserting its use had been prompted by anti-Semitic sentiment.

In response, Will Gore, The Independent’s deputy managing editor, claimed the fact that Janner had been pictured wearing a kippah was incidental, but by no means deceptive. 

“Janner’s public life was closely connected with his Jewish identity: to that extent, it is a relevant point in examining why he was not investigated more fully,” Gore wrote, before asserting it was “not immediately apparent” Janner was adjusting a kippah in the photo. 

“The idea that we deliberately, and motivated by antisemitism, sought out an image which would remind readers that Janner was Jewish is as absurd as it is offensive,” he blasted. 

Janner’s family have rejected all charges against him and the criminal case against the lord was dropped last month following his death.

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