Peres: Peace Process Is Up to Palestinian Authority

February 8, 2012  

President Shimon Peres told the Knesset in a speech on Wednesday that it was “up to the Palestinians to choose” between the path of terrorism or dialogue for peace.

Peres made the remark during his address marking the 63rd anniversary of the establishment of Israel’s parliamentary body.

His wide-ranging talk focused on a number of topics, including the peace process and the Iranian nuclear threat.

But the peace process, said Peres, could not depend on the Israelis alone, although Israel’s decisions play a pivotal role.

“We must ask ourselves what kind of a state we want,” the elder statesman said. “A Jewish state within secure and recognized borders, alongside an independent and demilitarized Palestinian state, or a country without borders that will become a bi-national state?

“A bi-national state will be a bi-national dispute,” Peres contended. “The ‘two states for two peoples’ solution calls for a renewal of negotiations,” he said. “Yesterday was easier, and there is no guarantee regarding tomorrow.

“It is for the Palestinians to choose between the path of Hamas, which aspires to terrorism, and the path of Fatah, which is ready for dialogue. We opted for peace, for a historic compromise,” he said.

However, he made no mention of the fact that the aforementioned Fatah this week signed a reconciliation agreement with its so-called “rival” Hamas. Nor did Peres acknowledge the fact that a top Fatah official blatantly denied the presence of thousands of rockets and missiles in the Hamas terrorist-ruled region of Gaza, all aimed at Israel, and has said that the PA does not need to recognize the Jewish State, in direct violation of all prior agreements.

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