Peres joins Snapchat

August 7, 2016  

Former President Shimon Peres launched a new Snapchat account (Shimon_Peres) today.

Snapchat is a rising social media platform which allows people to send each other videos – which delete themselves ten seconds after being read. Although it has developed a slightly shady reputation, Snapchat has become a real-time social sharing hub among teenagers across the globe.

Peres intends to use this platform to encourage young people to turn to entrepreneurship, science, creating positive social change. In addition, young leaders can follow Peres to hear first hand as he meets with heads of state, scientists, and other leading individuals.

Peres: “I turned 93 this week, and it seemed like just the right age to join Snapchat. Young people inspire me, and the most important thing for me is to hear what they have to say. Today, all the young people are on Snapchat, and I am happy to be on there with them. I invite you to follow my Snapchat, and to join my new movement, which is based on the understanding that innovation is the key to the future. We must focus on creating a new generation where technology and science are the top priority.”

Many teenagers attended the launch of Peres’ snapchat account, including YouTube star Guy Podolich (16.5 years old), app wizard Itay Pincas (15 years old), and social media expert Veronica Bogush (17 years old).

In his first Snapchat video Peres told the youth: “Always remember – you have greater potential than you know. Do not listen to your parents or teachers – dream, initiate, dare – I am with you”.

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