Paris: One person reported dead in anti-terror raid

November 18, 2015  

An exchange of gunfire has been reported in an anti-terror police raid at a Paris suburb Tuesday morning. Two terrorists were killed, according to police sources cited by France24.

Several people are reported injured. 

There is also an unconfirmed report that a female suicide bomber has detonated herself.

According to France24, the raid in Saint Denis targeted Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the planner of the murderous Paris attacks Friday night. However, police sources said that they are not certain Abaaoud is in the apartment being targeted by the current raid.

“Residents of Saint-Denis were awakened by an exchange of gunfire in the middle of the night and people have taken to social media in an attempt to get more information,” Stein reported. “Some reports citing local police suggest a police raid is underway. People have been advised to stay calm and not leave their homes.”

Two or three suspects are still holed up inside an apartment in a suburb north of Paris, French media reports. The reports indicate that gunfire is still being exchanged between the suspects and police officers.

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