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September 24, 2011  

Here is a funny scene from Family Guy.

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  1. Zohan says:

    This is one of the funniest and most memorable cutaway gag jokes Family Guy has shown, and that’s really saying something.

  2. Peace Man says:

    Family Guy is great but not even close to South Park.

  3. CantSilenceTheTruth says:

    Not funny.
    I’m Muslim and I understand that Islam is a perfect religion… Muslims are merely humans who try to follow it.
    They make mistakes, and I admit sometimes BIG ones… but that’s THEM. NOT Islam.
    And definitely NOT the majority.

    Get over yourself.

    1. BrandonA says:

      There is no question that we are all human and some of us do the best we can to adhere to what we believe is truth and goodness but if you believe that the Qur’an teaches this you are far from truth my friend and you probably know it.

    2. Behzad says:

      I grew up with muslims, at school i learned how to read Koran. Islam is far far from being anything close to perfect, in fact it is the opposit of Man’s aspiration to be in harmony with others. And it is not just Koran, the worst is Haddith which is like Shulchan-Aruch for Jews. I am glad the young Jewish girl Zeinab from the city of Khaibar cut Mohammed’s life short.

  4. thetellingofthetruth says:

    I am Christian I think man kind should love each other.Jesus said-(love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.that you will be sons of the father in heaven.I don’t hate Muslims.I will do my best to pray for them so that they would come to know the truth(Jesus is lord to the glory of the father).the Bible says if you deny the son you also deny the father.Jesus is the son of God and he brings the message of hope and salvation.if Muslims cannot accept that Jesus is the son of God then they deny God and say that he does not exist.prophet Mohamed is a false prophet(he could be the antichrist).he led millions astray just as the the Bible says in the last book. My Muslim friends we are brothers created by one God please accept. Jesus. As your lord. And be saved.

  5. heyjules says:

    Islam is a perfect religion? Islam gives glory to a man that raped and pillaged his way into a new religion. What a joke.

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