Otniel: Security fence will not be built ‘against our will’

January 19, 2016  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu paid a condolence visit Tuesday to the family of Dafna Meir, who was murdered in a terror stabbing in Otniel on Sunday. 

After the visit, Netanyahu met with heads of the heads of the regional council and members of the community’s security team, suggesting a fence be built around the town in southern Judea. 

Channel 2 reported that community members and heads of the Mount Hevron Regional Council had rejected the Prime Minister’s plan.

Those attending the meeting allegedly told Netanyahu that they had already invested heavily in an alternative security system around the community, in coordination with the IDF and the Defense Ministry. 

Community members and leaders also reportedly explained their opposition to the fence also stemmed from a belief such a step would signify a capitulation to Arab terror. 

Otniel blasted the report Netanyahu was going ahead with the fence against their wishes later on Tuesday

“We were surprised and saddened to hear that a press briefing was released by the Prime Minister’s Office on the matter of the fence,” the community said in a statement, noting Netanyahu had promised to share all decisions with members of the town council and the security apparatus.

While Otniel said it was happy to receive advice from military officials about how to protect the town, it would “not accept the briefing, according to which media sources claim the establishment of a fence is being built against our will and without coordination. 

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