Orthodox Jewish Supermodel Chava Mond

December 1, 2012  

Chava Mond (born in 1984, also Havi Mond, Hebrew: חוה מונד‎) is an Israeli model. She is Israel’s first shomer Shabbos (observes the Jewish Sabbath) and shomer kashrut (observes Jewish dietary laws) model.

Born in Safed, Israel, she holds joint Israeli and British citizenship, as her parents were British and she currently lives in Finchley.

Early life

Mond was born in 1984 and raised in Safed to a religious family. She attended the city’s religious girls’ school. She hoped to study law and become an attorney, but at the age of 16 she was traveling in London with her aunt and was offered a job by a Select model agent. Mond refused, saying that she was religious and that she hadn’t completed her high school studies, so Select waited until she turned 18, at which age Mond completed her Sherut Leumi.


Mond worked for famous clients such as French Connection, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, The Times (on the cover and in an article), Cosmopolitan, In Style, Harvey Nichols Magazine and Marie Claire. Chava has also been on the catwalk for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and London Fashion Week and she has appeared in the advertising campaigns of Laura Ashley, French Connection and Gina Bakoni. As well, she is leading the 2004/5 winter campaign of Armani Jeans and the current, worldwide campaign for Pantene hair products.

Known For

She is known for being the first model who is shomer Shabbos (observes the Jewish Sabbath) and shomer kashrut (observes Jewish Dietary Laws). She also refuses to be pictured in swimsuits and underwear for this reason. She may have refused to work on some photo shoots because of these principles. In an interview she said that her career would have been “far away” had she accepted working on Shabbat and posing in swimsuits.

Facts and stats
Nationality: Israeli
Family History: UK-born parents (Peter & Pamela) moved to Israel, met, got married, moved to Old City Safed. Pamela, a drama therapist, and Peter, a social worker.Siblings: 1 older brother, 2 younger sisters
First Professional Role: Supermodel
Languages Spoken: English and Hebrew
Educated in the Israeli Army

Quotes From Chava

On Homemaking
“I love living with my mummy and daddy, I love cooking and cleaning. So I am happy to travel, though sometimes it is a little boring.”

On Israeli Life
“People get a funny impression of Israel from the television,” she says. “They think you don’t go out, you don’t even walk in the street because people can just blow themselves up. It is not really like that. You have to keep going. We don’t sit around not doing things, just crying.”

On Being Tough
“I don’t lie awake at night worrying, but each time something happens, each time there is a threat, it does something to you. Everyone in Israel is very aware of security. Each time you get on a bus, you look around, you check, you have to be aware.”

On Religion
“I am a religious girl”

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